icon JOURNEY IN ALBANIA - HARLEY DAVIDSON South Albania - North Greece - 10 days days


Albania, also known as "The Last Secret of Europe" or "Pearl of the Balkans" is a country with many assets: fantastic scenery, an unspoiled environment, turquoise blue seas, rich past and friendly locals.


* Depending on the time of arrival you may start with the visits of the city.

We will start the discovery of Albania with a visit of the capital!

A city since 1614 and the capital of Albania since 1920, Tirana is the country's main cultural hub. You will be able to discover a city famous for the colorful facades of its buildings and the harmony between the various religions in the country.

The visit of the National Museum located on Skanderbeg Square will be a nice introduction to the rich Albanian history!

Close to this square, we will be able to see the mosque "Et'hem Bey", which has been preserved even during the communist era for its historical value, the opera, the clock tower and the palace of culture. We will then discover the superb Orthodox Cathedral as well as the Catholic Cathedral.

Overnight stay in Tirana.

Tirana - Korca, (165 km) 3h 10 min

We will then visit "Korca the French". Its population is said to be proud and well-educated, and the town is often nicknamed "little Paris of Albania", a city of art, love and romanticism. You will be able to see the medieval national museum and its great collection of Orthodox icons, and the main monument, located in the centre of the city : the Orthodox Cathedral. Also you will have the opportunity to visit the brewery Korca which is located some minutes outside of thecity. In the evening, you will have the lucky chance to enjoy the traditional musicof the region, the serenades.

Overnight stay in Korça.


Korca - Lake Prespa, (60 km) 1h 40 min

Prespa is the name of two freshwater lakes in southeast Europe, shared by Albania, Greece, and the Republic of Macedonia.The Small Prespa Lake is shared only between Greece and Albania.
The area contains three National Parks located in Albania (Prespa National Park), Greece, and the Republic of Macedonia respectively. The largest town in the Prespa Lakes region is Reshen in the Republic of Macedonia. In 2014, the Ohrid-Prespa Transboundary Reserve between Albania and Macedonia was added to UNESCO's World Network of Biosphere Reserves.You can see pelicans and enjoy wild beaches. There you will have the opportunity to visit theMaligrad island by boat and to go to see the monastery of Maligrad which is located there.

Lake Prespa - Kastoria, (100 km) 2h 15 min

Kastoria is a city in northern Greece in the region of West Macedonia. It is the capital of Kastoria regional unit. It is situated on a promontory on the western shore of Lake Orestiada, in a valley surrounded by limestone mountains. The town is known for its many Byzantine churches, Byzantine and Ottoman-era domestic architecture, fur clothing industry, and trout.

Overnight stay in Kastoria.

Kastoria - Meteora (132 km) 1h 50 min

The Meteora is a rock formation in central Greece hosting one of the largest and most precipitously built complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries, second in importance only to Mount Athos. There you will have the opportunity to enjoy the roads with bends which look like they are madeespecially for motorcycles. The breathtaking view of the monastery of Meteorawill let you speechless. Should be noticed that Meteora is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The name means "lofty", "elevated", and is etymologically related to meteor. Then you will depart in the village of Metsovo.

Meteora - Metsovo (60 km) 1h 10 min


Metsovo is a town in Epirus, in the mountains of Pindus in northern Greece, between Ioannina to the northand Meteora to the south. This tradicional Greek village has preserved the best customs of North of Greece. Then, you will walk across the lake which is located near the village and you can make a contact with the nature of the area.

Overnight stay in Metsovo.

Metsovo - Ioannina (51 km) 45 min

Ioannina often called Yannena within Greece, is the capital and largest city of the Ioannina regional unit and of Epirus, an administrative region in north-western Greece.Janina is known from the Antiquity. Fame on this city is given by Ali Pasha Tepelena of Yannena who lived and died there. Here you can pay a visit to his last cavern, where he lived before he died which is placed in the small island in the lake of Janina. Then, you will go towards the seaside city of Parga.

Ioannina - Parga (100 km) 1h 20 min


Parga is a town and municipality located in the northwestern part of the regional unit of Preveza in Epirus, northwestern Greece. The seat of the municipality is the village Kanallaki. Parga lies on the Ionian coast between the cities of Preveza and Igoumenitsa. It is a resort town known for its natural environment. In antiquity the area was inhabited by the Greek tribe of the Thesprotians. The ancient town of Toryne was probably located here. The village of Parga stands from the early 13th century. In 1815, with the fortunes of the French failing, the citizens of Parga revolted against French rule and sought the protection of the British. Ottoman rule in Parga and the rest of Epirus was ended in 1913 following the victory of Greece in the Balkan Wars.

Overnight stay in Parga.

Parga - Butrint (94 km) 1h 45 min

In this morning you will start travelling back to Albania and visit the site of Butrint, on the Ionian Coast. Butrint is an ancient Greek city on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1992. You will discover a historic landmark, an open ancient city testifying centuries of human occupation.

Butrint - Borsh (65 km) 1h 30 min


During this day you can dedicate to the magnificent nature of the south coast. You will have the opportunity to visit a small but very traditional Albanian village located by the seaside like Borsh.

Overnight stay in Borsh.

Borsh - Karaburun (91 km) 2h 30 min

Next day, you will discover unforgettable landscapes along the Riviera, between sea and mountains. You can enjoy a view of the turquoise Ionian Sea and the Karaburuni peninsula where there you can have a short trip with boat.You can also reach the neck of Cesar by a hike of 40 minutes.

Karaburun - Vlora (38 km) 1h 20 min


Then, you will continue driving directly on the direction of the city of Vlore where you are going to see one of the most beautiful parts of the south of Albania.Vlora is known as the city where Albania was declared Independent in 1920. We can learn more about this major event of the Albanian history by visiting the Independence Museum of Vlora.

Overnight stay in Vlora.

Vlora - Apollonia (37 km) 1h

Today you will go to visit the archeological site of Apollonia.A massive antique city, Apollonia is the country’s largest archaeological park. You will see some relics of the city such as the Bouleterion, the Odeon or the library (the one in which the emperor Octavius studied !). By going further, you also will see the theatre, the old fountain and even bunkers from the communist era.

Apollonia - Belsh (62 km) 1h 20 min


Belsh is a municipality in Elbasan County, central Albania. The municipality was formed at the 2015 local government reform by the merger of the former municipalitiesBelsh, Fierzë, Grekan, Kajan and Rrasë which became municipal units. The seat of the municipality is the town Belsh.

Overnight stay in Belsh.

Belsh - Dajt (65 km) 1h 20 min

Today you may head to the mountain of Dajti. You can climb up to 1400 m by a cable car. For the less adventurous you can also have a coffee in one of the bars up there enjoying the superb view of the Albanian monopole.

Dajt - Tirana (6 km) 20 min

In the latter part of the day, you will depart for the last destination Tirana. After the accommodation in the hotel, we will get together in the “Vendi I Shejnte” which is located the group called Steel Wings and there we will discuss our experience and impressions about the trip.

Overnight stay in Tirana.

This is the last day of your trip to Albania.