Albania, also known as "The Last Secret of Europe" or "Pearl of the Balkans" is a country with many assets: fantastic scenery, an unspoiled environment, turquoise blue seas, rich past and friendly locals.


Tirana - Elbasan, (40 km) 50 min

Once a very prosperous city known for its handcrafts, the town has retained its historical center with its cobbled streets. During the antique times, Elbasan was an important city, a stopover town on the Via Egnatia road that connected Rome to Constantinople. You will also see the ancient fortress, some beautiful houses and one of the oldest mosques in the country, testimonials of the Ottoman Empire domination.

The town is also known as "Libasan", meaning "powerful place."

Overnight stay in Balkan Hotel. Possibility of swimming in the pool or the Shkumbini river.

Elbasan - Lin, (70 km) 1h 20min

Then you will join the picturesque village of Lin. A fishing village at the foot of a hill on a peninsula. By going down the village you can enjoy the view on the lake. There you will have a boat trip around theOhrid lake. We will then carry on to Korca.

Lin - Korca, (60 km) 1h 10min

After Lin, you will depart to Korca. Nicknamed the "little Paris of Albania", it is a city of art, love and romanticism. Unravel history at its medieval museum (home to a great collection of Orthodox icons), the French WWII cemetery, the Orthodox Cathedral. We will visit the old Bazaar.

Overnight stay in Korca.

Korca - Voskopoja, (20 km) 35 min

Today we will drive towards the village of Voskopoje.

Voskopoja lies in a beautiful landscape surrounded by high hills and fern forests. This area has many natural resources like valleys and plateaus, slopes and massive areas of forests mainly from pine, beech and oak. Voskopoja has an altitude of 1200 m, above the sea level.  Founded in the 16th century, Voskopoja by the 18th century was a major urban settlement housing the Academy, a centre dedicated to the development of culture and education. Today, five Byzantine churches and a monastery from the original twenty-two that were built when Voskopoja was a major settlement are testimony to this grand period. 

Voskopoja - Rehova, (65 km) 1h 40 min

Then we will continue towards the village of Rehova. This is a village well known for its expertise in food. You will have the opportunity to spend a nice time with its habitants, cook with them probably and spend a night in this village.   

Night spent at the habitants' house in Rehove.

Rehova - Benje, (130 km) 3h 20 min

This morning you will leave for Rehova.This day you will go to the water thermal of Benje. The famous thermal waters of Benjë, which are located in a very scenic surrounding: under the Katiu Ottoman bridge. The bridge marks the end of the 5 km long Langaricë Canyon.


Benje - Gjirokastra, (60 km) 1h 25 min

Cultural visits today in the city of Gjirokaster. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005, this city is full of distinctive districts and shaded terraces. But its main touristic sites are the ethnographic museum and its citadel, which will take us back in time, years ago, through the history of Albania. Gjirokastra has retained its characteristic “old Albanian houses” architecture. It is in one of these that we will stay for the night.

Overnight stay in Gjirokaster.

Gjirokaster - Blue Eye, (70 km) 2h

On the way to Butrintyou will have the oportinity to have a stop at the Blue Eye Spring. The Blue Eye is a fairy tale-like spring located near the town of Saranda. Not only the spring is the attraction but also the surrounding nature, the forest, and the clearest fresh waters.

Blue Eye Butrint, (45 km) 1h

We will visit the site of Butrint, which is near the Greek border. Butrint is an ancient Greek city on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1992. You will discover a historic landmark, an open ancient city testifying of centuries of human occupation.


Butrint - Ksamil, (5 km) 10min

In the afternoon you will drive to the coast heading for Ksamil where we can relax at the beach.


Ksamil - Saranda, (15 km) 30min
In the evening you will travel to the coastal city of Saranda. There, you will have the opportunity to have a delicious fish meal on the beach and listen traditional Albanian folk music.

Overnight stay in Saranda.

Saranda - Qeparo, (45 km) 1h 10min
Qeparo -
 Porto Palermo, (8 km) 20min

During this day you can dedicate to the magnificent nature of the south coast. You will have the opportunity to visit a small but very traditional Albanian village located by the seaside like Qeparo. Especially the old village of Qeparo is famous for its fantastic landscapes.

You may also visit Porto Palermo a small creek known for the old submarine base during the communist times and you will have the opportunity

to visit the fortress of Ali Pasha.

Porto Palermo - Drimades, (30 km) 50min

You can stay by the sea side in Drimades during the rest of the day.

Overnight stay in a camping tent in Drimades.

Drimades - Gjipe

In the morning in the beach of Drimades you will take the kayaks to start your adventure. Your destination is Gjipe that is 2h of kayaking away from there. This is a small bay without any construction and we will spend some time in this bay to enjoy the wildness of the nature.


Gjipe - Llogara (22 km) 40 min

After exploring Gjipe you will return back to drimades with kayaks and get the motorcycles.

We head then towards the national parc of Llogara,

You will have the chance to go for a short trekking inside the parc and explore its flora and fauna.

Overnight stay in Llogara.

Llogara - Berat (117 km) 1h 35 min

We will discover today an Albanian city, on the UNESCO list for its characteristic architecture: The city of Berat. Best known as "The city of 1000 windows" you will be charmed by its white houses and steep streets that offer you a special promenade. During a walk, you will see the Castle where there you will have the chance to try some traditional local red wine which will be served with traditional regional cheese.

Overnight stay in Berat.


Berat - Divjaka (70 km) 1h 10 min

The National Park of Divjaka will be your stop before arriving at the city of Tirana. In this National Park, you will have a boat trip to watch rare kids of pelicans, like the curly pelican, in the Karavasta Lagoon, located in the park. It is a quiet and nice place with nice landscapes.


Divjaka - Durres (60 km) 1h 10 min

Before you reach Tirana, you will make a stop, by the seaside at the city of Durres. In the antiquity Durres was as an important city, especially for merchants, since it was the beginning of the Egnatia Road, which connected Rome to Constantinople. You will see the relics of these times, such as the Amphitheatre and the city walls. Nowadays, the city is the main port of the country and you can walk along the promenade. We also recommend you to visit its steep streets near the Amphitheatre. You can also visit the archaeological museum, which will allow you to discover the history of this commercial town.

Overnight stay in Durres.

This is the last day of your trip to Albania.