our story
our story

We are the only largest company in Albania specializing in treating, selling, introducing Harley Davidson and chopper motocycles.

It is very specific that year after year thanks to dedication and passion this name is already part of the promotion for different tourist operators. The guides are increased to all the successes achieved over the years.

Our main goal is to promote tourism in Albania in cooperation with national and international institutions. For this we have built an infrastructure through three HD salons developed over the years and a specialized staff to realize all of the above mentioned items.

Our many years of experience begins since 2001 where through the passion of HD, this unique legend brand, we have managed to perfect the entire range of services in the field of motor vehicles.

The services we perform are diverse and organized in several ways:

  • Sale-Purchasing of HD motocycles
  • Renting motocycles and specifying specific guides throughout the Albanian territory.
  • Service, treatment, repair, technical assistance
  • Provide with all possible accessories, spare parts, motorcycle accessories and professional clothing.
  • Organizing guides from individuals to large groups both inside and outside Albania.
  • Adhering to the international organization HOG that is one of Harley Davidson's famous official club.
  • Traditional organization and official holidays Chopper and Harley with great participation of foreign motorists and lovers who have not missed the cooperation of state institutions throughout Albania as well as internationally prestigious.
  • Participation as an escort and collaborator in important prestigious events in cooperation with telecommunications operators as well as international beauty events
  • Providing service as a Harley model in promotion of road and main shaft inaugurations as well as cultural artistic events